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Deichgraf is a small, calm building game. You slip into the role of a dike count in East Frisia in the 16th century. Your task is to build and expand a village near the coast. You have five different buildings available for this. You don't need to worry about a complex construction and expansion system. But be careful: the water is omnipresent. The challenge is to defend yourself against the threatening masses of water: Lay dry wet marshland, cultivate the soil and build dikes and ditches to stop the floods and heavy rain! Long live the dike warden.

Heliopolis Six

Heliopolis Six, our first big video game, is in the middle. Inspired by real space flight and the Sci-Fi genre R.U.M.P. is primarily an economic simulation. The setting is an in-the-near-future space station – completely build- and customizable – in our solar system. The technical aspects of the game world, like spacecraft movement or the functionality of station parts, are guided by the laws of physics.

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Who are we

We are Acid Mines Software and are currently working on our first game. In the midst of the beautiful idyll of Rostock we have built our commando center and use all available resources in the development of Heliopolis Six

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