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Heliopolis Six

A hard sci-fi economy simulation in space

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Defy the dangers of space!

Build a space station just as you like! Assemble a crew that fits your and your station’s needs. Harvest resources from asteroids and space junk, maintain and expand your space station and shield it and your crew from harm!

Key Features

Build a space station according to your wishes and in all three dimensions! Configure the station parts according to your own ideas: A modular construction system lets you build the best station of all time. Solar energy, water, food, living space - your residents will have everything they need.


Creating jobs, ensuring life support, providing living space, controlling production: good management must function like clockwork. Never let yourself be confused!


Malfunctions, lack of resources, overheating - these are just some of the omnipresent dangers on a space station. They can mean doom quickly. So pay attention to your station and its inhabitants and prevail against the inhospitable nature of space!



The space station can be built orthogonally in 3 dimensions. Various station parts are available to you, for example elongated cylinders, crossings, solar panels or rods, which are often available in different size categories (S, M, L). Some parts of the station, e.g. the solar panels, have a predefined functionality. Other station parts, such as the elongated cylinder, have no functionality, but can be adapted to your individual needs by adding modules. Modules can be living rooms, factories or resource stores, for example. If the internal distribution of resources across the station sections reaches its limits, you can attach pipe and rail systems to the surface of the station parts in order to move additional resources between the station parts, for example water or building materials. Ships let you mine asteroids and space junk, a source of important raw materials. How are you going to build your station?


Building the station is one thing, managing it is another. But don't worry, there are plenty of options available to you. Determine, for example, which product is manufactured in a factory module or how the resources flow in order to optimize the production. You can also adjust the production volume according to resource consumption. But for all of your station parts and modules to work properly, you need a crew. So hire crew members and assign them to jobs in modules or ships. Of course, in addition to their work, your residents also need things like air, food and quarters as well as places for leisure activities. The well-being of your crew should always be important to you. And don't forget to look after the well-being of your station as well: Repair damage or hire someone to take care of the maintenance work for you. Think about which tasks you delegate, because time is an important factor and it is always scarce. How will you manage your space station?


Space is not just sunshine and roses. The vacuum, cold, heat and radiation are only some of the dangers that threaten life on a space station. You have to dissipate excess heat, seal leaks caused by tiny meteoroids, protect residents from radiation, and prepare yourself for all the other dangers that space holds in store for you. And it is even dangerous inside the space station: Life support has to be ensured, the waste has to be recycled. Valuable resources such as water must not be lost. So act prudently and with foresight, because mismanagement can quickly mean the end of your space station. Are you going to conquer space?


This project was supported from 7/2020 to 8/2021 as part of the "Computerspielförderung" by the german Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

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