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Heliopolis Six



Acid Mines Software


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Steam PC/Mac/Linux
Direct PC/Mac/Linux




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Face the challenges of space!

Build a space station according to your ideas! Shape your crew according to your needs and those of the station! Collect resources from asteroids and space junk, maintain and expand your station and protect it and its inhabitants from danger!



Heliopolis Six, our first major video game, is in the middle of development. Heliopolis Six is ​​inspired by real space travel and the sci-fi genre. primarily an economic simulation. A space station in our solar system that can be set up individually in the near future will serve as the setting. The technical aspects of the game world, such as the movements of the spaceships or the function of the station parts, are based on the laws of physics.




  • The station can be built in all 3 dimensions

  • Various station parts are available for this (e.g. elongated, crossing, solar panel, algae panel, ...)

  • The station parts are available in different sizes (S, M, L)

  • Specialize the individual station parts with modules

  • Set up resource pipelines and rail systems to transport your raw materials through the station

  • Build ships to enable your inhabitants to mine asteroids and space junk for the procurement of important raw materials.


  • There are extensive options available to manage your station.

  • Determine what is manufactured in which module and how the resources flow.

  • Adjust raw material production and processing to the respective consumption.

  • Hire the crew and choose their location.

  • Take care of the needs of your station residents.

  • Wait for your station or hire someone to do it for you.


  • There are some adversities (vacuum, cold, heat, radiation).

  • Dissipate excess heat, seal leaks caused by micrometeorites, generate electrical energy and food and protect your residents from radiation.

  • Make sure that waste is recycled and that valuable resources such as water are not lost.

  • Act prudently and with foresight, mismanagement can quickly lead to total loss.

  • Think about what actions you delegate because time is an important factor and there is never enough of it.

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